RollMatic Garage Doors

German Design and Excellence. Setting a new standard for Roller Garage Doors

RollMatic Garage Doors

RollMatic Garage Doors

The RollMatic Garage Door, providing security and comfort for you and your family.
The contemporary replacement for the common everyday roller door!

The RollMatic gives a contemporary and polished look to a garage door in comparison to the traditionally steel garage roller doors. The RollMatic garage door system is available either as a compact roller garage door, leaving the area of a roof free, or a space-saving overhead garage door that is ideal for low headroom.

4Ddoors offers an amazing variety of smooth finish colours for the RollMatic Garage Door, so that you can colour match your Garage Door to your home!

The RollMatic also offers the beautiful range Decograin and Decopaint surface finishes which has a real timber look. These surface finishes feature special abrasion resistant surface protection to preserve the UV-resistant coating on the garage door profiles during the product life. With some amazing features, the innovative RollMatic is setting a new standard for roller doors in Australia!

Did you know that 4Ddoors Garage Doors offer a matching side door to accompany your garage door style? Ask us today about the matching side door range!

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of 4Ddoors RollMatic Garage Doors

1. Customize your design with Scratch Resistance Glazing Elements

To customize your garage door further, glazing elements can be added to the profile of the garage door. Glazing elements are constructed from a clear synthetic glazing that offers maximum scratch resistance and permanently clear view! These are usually placed along the top of the door profile and allows more light to the garage space.

2. Add Ventilation to your Garage space

Ventilation grilles are usually placed along the bottom width of the door and allows increased ventilation to the garage space, improving the room climate and preventing mould. The number of ventilations grilles for the door size, usually is dependent on the door width. However this can be altered to suit the door design and your needs!

3. Doubled Skinned Insulation

Compared to the rigid ribbed profiles of competing roller doors, the smooth surface profile of the RollMatic leave you with a clean contemporary look. The aluminium panels have a high-quality coating on the inside and outside of the door surface making it easy to clean!
Not to mention the hollow space of the door profile is evenly filled with polyurethane rigid foam! This creates not only Thermal insulation but also allows for quiet and smoother travel of the door!

4. Reliable Counterbalance

The brilliantly integrated counterbalance systems in the side guides supports the operating system during the opening and closing of the door and prevents damage to the opening system. The multiple spring assemblies and the double lifting cables prevent the door leaf from crashing to the floor in every position. In case of emergency, like a power outage, this assists with opening the door easily by hand.

5. Reliable Automatic safety cut-out

RollMatic doors are especially quiet and subject to minimum wear because of the standard opening systems with soft start and soft stop! Combined, the counterbalance system and the reliable automatic safety cut-out securely stops the door if it encounters an obstacle. Providing further safety for you and you family!

Frequently Asked Questions about the 4Ddoors RollMatic Doors

Do the 4Ddoors RollMatic Doors include Thermal Insulation?

Yes!! The hollow space of the profile of the 4Ddoors RollMatic door is evenly filled with polyurethane rigid foam! This give you the great benefits of Thermal Insulation from the PU-foamed sandwich panels, they are also characterised by excellent acoustic, which creates good door leaf stability and quieter operation to the door
What's not to love!

Are there different options for the 4Ddoors RollMatic Garage Doors?

Yes!! 4Ddoors offers the choice of two different installation options:

- RollMatic - This roller garage door system is the best choice if you wish to keep the ceiling free. The garage door curtain winds up into a cylindrical shape (like rolling up a carpet) either internally or externally of the garage wall. This allows the use of the ceiling for storage or lighting fixtures.

- RollMatic OD - This garage door system well suited for particularly low headroom areas! Headroom is the space from the top of the garage opening up to the ceiling level, and can sometimes be a narrow space!
The RollMatic OD door curtain is guided up and under the ceiling, level with the ceiling by narrow track guides. This option requires only 60mm of headroom and is exceptionally space saving!

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German Design and Excellence. Setting a new standard for Roller Garage Doors

RollMatic Garage Doors

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