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General Garage Door Questions

Some of our most frequently asked questions!

What is the difference between a Roller Garage Door and a Sectional Garage Door?

This is a question that is asked a lot!
A Roller Garage Door is best described as a garage door curtain that rolls up into a cylinder, like rolling up a carpet! This then sits at the top of the garage entry in that rolled up shape, when fully open.

A Sectional Door is different as it is constructed usually from 4-5 solid panels. This means it cannot 'roll up' and instead slides up and then parallel with the garage roof. When it is fully open, a sectional door looks like it is laying flat and under the roof of a garage!

Are Colorbond and Bluescope Steel the same?

Great question! Colorbond is a colour coating and finish to Bluescope Steel.
This allows you to not only pick a colour that you like but also a great finish and protection to the Steel!

Do you selll doors with Thermal Insulation or Insulated Garage Doors?

Yes, we are proud to part of the exclusive dealer network for 4Ddoors, The exclusive distributor of Hörmann Products to Australia and New Zealand.
The Hörmann Range offer a great selection of garage doors and entry doors with superior insulation for strength, security and amazing thermal insulation qualities! There is an extensive range of style, colours and finishes available in the range which can suit any home or business!

Is it possible to add automation to an exisiting Gate or Garage Door?

As long as the door is in good working condition, our team can attend your site to offer a Free Quote for automation to your garage or gate system!

Questions on Quoting and Installation!

Unsure how it works with Quoting or Installing a new door? Quicklift has the answers for you!

Why should I use a professional installer?

At Quicklift Garage Doors, we strongly believe that any installation of a gate or garage door is not a DIY job. Particularly as garage door is the largest moving object in your home, and includes a number of parts that can be highly dangerous if not installed correctly (high tension springs, rails and many more).
The professional team of Installers at Quicklift can have a door installed for you to meet safety requirements, while ensuring the system is safe for operation. It worth noting that many Manufacturer Warranties now include that the product must be installed by a professional, in order to not void the warranty.

To ensure you're left with a quality product and a quality installation, Contact Quicklift and we'll have it sorted for you.

Are all garage door sizes available?

Yes! There is no such thing as a 'Standard Garage Size', so all garage door are made to your exact measurements and entry way!
Occasionally different door types might has size limitations and will have a maximum Height and Width, but the Quicklift Team will help find a solution for you!

How do I dispose my old gate and garage doors if I replace it with a new one?

We can dispose of the garage door for you! Just let our Team know and we can include it in the quote for you.

How do I arrange a measure and quote for my house?

Give our experience team a call today for a Free Quote on 03 8609 6015
Alternatively you can send us an enquiry!

Questions about Colours, Materials and Sizing!

Not sure if there's enough choice for you? Here's some questions we get regularly!

What is the Standard Size of a Single and/or Double Car Garage Door?

FUN FACT! There is no standard sizes for garage doors! It may seem outrageous but there is no regulations on standard sizing for garages or garage openings, which means that garage doors then need to be custom made to each opening.

This means there are no standard sizing for a single or double car garage, each door is measured and made for your unique garage opening!

How many garage door colours are there?

How long is a piece of string? Depending on the type of door you are interested in there is a huge range of colours AND finishes!
If they don't perfectly suit what you want, ask our team about the custom colour range! Depending on the door or gate system, we can powder coat them to your choice of RAL colour!

What materials do you use to make your garage doors?

We used a range of materials depending on the door type and installation needs. Including, Wood, Steel and Aluminum. If you're after a material in particular for a custom garage door or gate, contact our team to discuss a variety of options

Can you make a garage door to match the façade of my house?

YES! At Quicklift we can create custom Garage doors to suit your style while making it practical and function for your needs! Contact our team today on 03 8609 6015

Question on Servicing your Garage or Gate

Need to Service your Garage Door? Here's your questions, answered!

Why do I need to have my garage door serviced annually?

FUN FACT! Garage Doors are commonly the largest mechanical item in your home!

Much like most things in life, like your annual car service, regular maintenance can ensure that you have a high quality and safe product in your home! An annual service is commonly a condition of manufacturers warranties and regular servicing can identify and prevent any possibly issues before they cause costly damage.

Our priority for our customers is to have a high quality and long lasting product, so that you get the best performance and safety out of your garage door. Especially as a garage door is commonly the largest mechanical item in your home, we want to ensure that you have a door that is of the highest safety for your family

What if my door sounds fine and doesn't have any problems?

Even when operating normally, a garage door will still require regular servicing and preventative maintenance to ensure free operation. Regular maintenance not only promotes longer product life and ensures the manufacturer's warranty is maintained, but also greatly reduces the risk of inconvenient operational failures and costly repair bills.

What does a general service involve? What is serviced?

In garage doors such as Sectional Garage Doors, the springs can become fatigued, meaning that a dangerous amount of strain are being transferred to your remote control system. Included in our general service is the re-tensioning of your spring system to counteract this effect.

Our fully qualified service technician will also reprogram your drive unit in line with new parameters, check all fixing points, make mechanical adjustments and lubricate all moving parts.

Does Quicklift service industrial and commerical garage doors?

Yes! We definitely do and can help ensure that high cycle doors will maintain a good product life. There's nothing worse that a garage door breaking down for a multi-level apartment building and 20-30 tenants having their cars trapped!

Call Quicklift and we can help you get back up and running in no time!

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