Australian Sectional Doors

Australian Quality with Contemporary Designs

Australian Sectional Doors

Australian Sectional Doors

With amazing features, the Australian Sectional Door has a huge range of styles to suit every home!

The Australian Sectional Door Range offers great safety and customizable features in each door! This range of garage doors has four panel designs to chose from, with:

  • 4DP - A plain panelling option with no embossment
  • 4DL - A horizontal line embossment
  • 4DR - A rectangular embossment
  • 4DS - A square embossment
Australian Sectional Doors

As well as the style options, the range of the Australian Sectional Garage Doors are available in brilliant selection of Colorbond Colours. Colorbond Steel is known for its endurance and quality, particularly in the harsh Australian Weather.

If you're not interested in a solid colour and want to look into a classic timber look, without the maintenance, the Australian Sectional Garage Door has got you covered! A real timber door needs regular sanding and resealing but with the Timbalook and Timbagrain coloured finishes, you can have an low-maintenance alternative with the classic timber look!

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Browse the Australian Sectional Garage Door Range to see the great options available!

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of Australian Sectional Garage Doors

1. Customize your design with Glazing Elements

To customize your garage door, optional window designs can be added to the profile of the garage door. The windows are available in eight designs and made of Perspex instead of glass, available in clear or grey tinted. The windows are usually placed along the top of the door and allows more light to the garage space!
Perfect if you use your garage for an additional room/space rather than just for car storage.

3. Click and Go

The Click and Go track curve allows for a strong and quiet operation of the garage door system and helps reduces maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Australian Sectional Doors

Do the Australia Sectional Garage Doors have Thermal Insulation?

No, this range of Sectional Doors does not include Thermal Insulation with the garage door. This is a Colorbond Steel Door which shows the door style and colour only to the exterior of the house. The internal view of the door is the hollow space created by the construction of the panel.

If you would like to look into a thermally insulated garage door option, the Hörmann Sectional Garage Doors offer similar designs with a great colour selection. The Hörmann Sectional Door are constructed with PU-foamed sandwich panels, providing thermal insulation, good door leaf stability and quieter operation to the door.
What's not to love!

Are there different style options for the Australian Sectional Doors?

The Australian Sectional Doors are available in four style options:
4DL - A horizontal line embossment
4DS - A square embossment
4DP - A plain panelling option with no embossment
4DR - A rectangular embossment

Have a look at the Photo Gallery to see the range of styles!

Can you get a taper on an Australian Sectional Door?

Yes, you can! Our experienced team carry specialist equipment so that they can accurately measure if a garage opening has a sloped ground, and if so what is required for you.
This small customization to the door ensures that your garage door will come down to sit flush on the ground surface, minimising any gaps. The last thing we want is for you to have a gap when you want a secure garage!

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Australian Quality with Contemporary Designs

Australian Sectional Doors

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