Side Sliding Sectional Doors

German Design and Excellence. Setting a new standard for Garage Doors

Side Sliding Sectional Doors

Side Sliding Sectional Doors

The Side Sliding Door is flipping the Garage Doors Industry on it's side, quite literally!

The Side Sliding Sectional Door is a part of the exclusive Hörmann Range, including safety features, thermal insulation and excellent German design. while not compromising on the great amount of style options available.

The 4Ddoors Side Sliding Sectional Garage Doors are available in LPU 42 (42mm thick sections), which provides good Thermal Insulation and helps ensure a smooth and quieter travel to the door. All this while still offering an incredible amount of garage door styles, surface finishes, colours and additional options so you can customize the door completely as your own!

The Side Sliding Sectional Door is a beautifully unique door! Not only because it opens to the side, compared to an up and over traditional garage door, but because of the unique form of the door sections eliminates trap points! This eliminates the trap points both between the sections and on the hinges, with the door then sealed with flexible and weather resistant seals, keeping your garage secure and safe!

Side Sliding Sectional Doors

The 4Ddoors Side Sliding Sectional Garage Doors are the ideal solution for tricky fitting situation. Since this type of garage door opens horizontally across to the side and sits against a wall when open, it leaves the garage roof free to store items or for lighting fixtures! This is great in comparison to vertically opening up-and-over sectional garage door, that can reduce your overhead space!

Due to the design and installation requirements of 4Ddoors'Side Sliding Sectional Doors, the floor must be completely level to ensure smooth tracks and travel for the door system. The Quicklift team carries specialised equipment, which will help measure this for you and offer suggestions if the floor needs to be levelled before installation!

Did you know that Hörmann Garage Doors offer a matching side door to accompany your garage door style? Ask us today about the matching side door range!

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of 4Ddoors Side Sliding Garage Doors

1. Customize your design with Scratch Resistance Glazing Elements and Ventilation Grilles

To customize your garage door design, glazing elements and ventilation grilles can be added to the profile of the garage door!

2. Light, Quiet and Precise

The panels of the 4Ddoors Side Sliding garage door are 42mm thick with PU foam infill that are guided safely and precisely at the top by stable twin rollers in addition to the bottom with a rounded floor rail. A flat design of only 25mm makes it effortless to drive in and out of the garage space. If needed the bottom rail space is simple and quick to clean as it is open at both ends!

3. Convenient

The 4Ddoors German Side Sliding Sectional garage doors can also be opened partially to allow pedestrian access if needed. This can be a faster way to get stored items but is also ideal for areas where the garage is used as a pedestrian access point to a property. This minimizes risk involved in opening the entire garage door and exposing the garage space. The passage width can be individually set in doors with an automatic operator and has four handle colours available.

4. Well-sealed

Included within the 4Ddoors German Sectional Door Range, the edges of the Side Sliding garage doors feature flexible and weather resistant seal on the sides and the lintel area of the door frame. This is also included between the individual door sections and at the bottom edge to provide a good and clean door seal. This further assists in the thermal insulation already provided by the 42mm thick sections.

5. Securely Locked

The bottom and top garage door guides close the door precisely while two additional hooks on the sides of the door connect the end of the door leaf tightly with the side frame and the mechanical lock prevents the door from being forced open. This increases the break-in resistance of the garage door creating a safer garage space for you and your family!

Frequently Asked Questions about the 4Ddoors Side Sliding Sectional Doors

Do the 4Ddoors RollMatic Doors include Thermal Insulation?

Yes!! The hollow space of the profile of the RollMatic door is evenly filled with polyurethane rigid foam! In addition to the benefits of Thermal Insulation from the PU-foamed sandwich panels, they are also characterised by excellent acoustic, which creates good door leaf stability and quieter operation to the door
What's not to love!

What is the difference between a normal Sectional Door and a Side Sliding Garage Door?

While the classic Sectional Garage Door opens vertically, opening up-and-over sectional garage door, A Side Sliding Sectional Garage Doors opens horizontally across to the side and sits against a wall when open.

This is particularly great for tricky garage spaces that need to keep the garage ceiling free from obstruction, but also creates a unique finish to the garage! If you want to look at more about this installation option view our page on the Side Sliding Sectional Door from Hörmann!

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German Design and Excellence. Setting a new standard for Garage Doors

Side Sliding Sectional Doors

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