Hamptons Sectional Doors

Classic Carriage Style Door with a Contemporary Design.

Hamptons Sectional Doors

Hamptons Sectional Doors

The Hamptons Sectional Door is a "Carriage Style" Door with a durable and contemporary design.

The Hamptons Sectional Garage Door range is named after the popular "Hamptons" style house design! Previously this style of door was only available and achievable through completely custom designed door process. However with this new range offered at Quicklift Garage Doors, there is safety and high-quality benefits integrated into every garage door! This includes weather-tight section joint and optional thermal insulation, while still offering an unbelievably extensive amount of customisable designs.

The Hamptons Sectional Range offers seven base designs that can then have a variety of combinations of window types, glazing, finishes and optional additions. This creates over 300,000 incredible possible designs!

The Hamptons Sectional Garage Doors are available in seven base designs of the following:

  • Aspen (Plain Panelling)
  • Spokane (L-ribbed Panelling)
  • Helena (M-ribbed Panelling)
  • Jackson (S-ribbed Panelling)
  • Missoula (A-ribbed Panelling)
  • Logan (V-ribbed Panelling)
  • Keystone (X-ribbed Panelling)
Hamptons Sectional Doors

The Hamptons Sectional Doors can be fitted to most garage openings as they are sectional door designed to look like a tilt or counterweight carriage style door! The Hamptons door design is constructed from aluminium and is mechanically fastened at the meeting points to create a high strength door frame. With the precisely engineered Tongue and Groove section joint, which features a stronger and weather tight enclosed box type construction.

The overall design of the door feature designs previously only available is fully custom build doors that were commonly wood, needing constant upkeep and resealing. The high-performance state-of-the-art wood grain finish of the Hamptons Sectional garage doors is achieved through a powder coat process and since it's constructed from aluminium provides a good product life! Particularly in coastal or beach residences this is an excellent performer.

After more of the complete "Carriage-Style" look with the door? The range also includes optional decorative hardware to create a complete carriage door look and feel!

What ever you need, Quicklift has you covered. Contact our team to look into a Hamptons Sectional Door of your very own!

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of Hamptons Sectional Garage Doors

1. Environmental Advantages

Setting a good example for the garage door industry, the Hamptons Sectional Door uses approximately 25% recycled aluminium in the aluminium frame, the maximum allowable to maintain both strength and quality assurance.

2. Exclusive Interior View

With wood finish and colour finishes, all the door surfaces are finished so that the garage door is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. To further enhance the beauty of the garage space and the garage door interior, we offer optional colour powder coated track and operational hardware in five solid colours: Black, Red, Grey, White and Brown.

3. Tongue and Groove Section Joint

The panels are joined by a precisely engineered Tongue and Groove section joint which has an enclosed box type construction. The new box construction is nine times stronger that the competing shiplap option and has a flexible gasket that reduces air infiltration creating a weather-tight seal.

4. Insulated Garage Door

The Hamptons Sectional door frame can be filled with expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS) that is form fitted to the exact profile of the stiles and rails. Utilizing 1" thick insulated aluminium door panels which have the EPS core and are reinforced with corrugated polyallomer stabilizers for additional strength.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hamptons Sectional Doors

Do the Hamptons Sectional Garage Doors include Thermal Insulation?

With this range of doors you have the option of with or without the insulated polystyrene core. This allows you to choose if you would like the added benefit of Thermal Insulation with the design of the door. With the additional benefits to the operation and travel of the door, the insulated core offers more than keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

What's the benefit of a Hamptons Door intead of a Custom Garage Door with a similar design?

While we do offer Custom Garage Door in this style, and can be manufactured for you it would be made from your choice of wood. This would require consistent up keep to seal and protect the wood from the elements. However a Hamptons Sectional door is constructed from Aluminum, this provides a longer product life and less time consuming up keep for you!

A custom made door would also be a tilt or counterweight door, not giving you the safety and security of a Sectional. A sectional door is a safer door with a long product life. What's not to love?
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Classic Carriage Style Door with a Contemporary Design.

Hamptons Sectional Doors

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