Update your home and garage door

Time for a refreshing new look and modern technology

Update your home and garage door

Have you been stuck at home and now ready to give your home a fresh spring look before summertime? The Quicklift Team is here to help with not only a fantastic range of high quality garage door and gate products, but also a fantastic installation team!

The Quicklift Team is here to help with all your garage door and gate needs. From an initial measure & quote, regular servicing or repairs, and of course a beautifully finished installation of your garage door or gate!

At a recent installation of Australian Sectional Garage Doors, we were able to capture some photos of the Quicklift Installation Team in action! So, you can see exactly how our team look while they install the Sectional Garage Door.

Update your home and garage door

Always leave garage door or gate fitting to the professionals

A key sign of an improper garage door installation or an aging garage door or gate system is bent components, squeaky hinges, slow opening speeds. Not to mention installing a garage door without proper training can cause serious injuries as well as serious damages to the building.

At Quicklift Garage Doors, we have seen our fair share of “DIY” installations that were attempted without prior knowledge or experience. This has led to damaged garage doors and building structures, which makes it more difficult to reinstall the current door safely. Plus, it’s a real dampener to your excitement about a new garage door if it’s already damaged!

It is always best to contact your trusted garage door business, like Quicklift Garage Doors, and involve professionals from the start of the process. This can be as early as at the planning stage for a new house, and we’ll work with you and your builder or architect to get everything perfect for your garage door.

If you want to replace an existing garage door, it’s best to contact the Quicklift Team and we’ll arrange to visit your home, abiding by current COVID legislation and rules, and arrange a measure and quote for you.

Our trained garage door specialists know a variety of different types of garage doors and their individual requirements for installation, offering great advice and will arrange a professional fitting of all components of the garage door and automatic opening system.

camera_alt The Quicklift Installation Team
at a recent installation of Australian Sectional Doors!

Accurate Measurements for the new garage door

Did you know there is no standard sizing to garage openings? Every garage is built to a different shape, height, and width. This means that there is no standard sizing of garage doors either, so every garage door is made and manufactured for your exact garage space.

Height and Width are great to help know your initial door size, but a range of other factors will determine what type of door you will need and how it will operate correctly and safely. There are also important headroom, or the space above the top of the garage door opening, as well as side room allowances that are needed for your garage door to travel and move.

The Quicklift Team also uses laser measurements and garage measurement systems to help determine any unlevel flooring or supporting walls so your garage door will be perfectly made to measure. This means you can be sure of receiving the door to suit your needs, which fits perfectly in the garage opening when it is installed!

Quality Accessories

Do you remember the days of quickly running out of the car in the pouring rain to open the garage door or the gate, so you could quickly get back in the car and drive through? What a luxury it was when automatic garage door and gate operators started to be introduced as a fantastic alternative! Now an automatic garage door or gate is just an essential part of modern home.

Modern automatic garage openers are now made specifically for certain types, weights and uses, residential or commercial, of garage doors or gates. It is always best to speak to a garage door professional, who can advise of the correct garage door openers to your specific garage door. This ensures a quality operation of the automatic door and minimise safety risks.

Quicklift is now proud to offer a new product to customers, the Hörmann Laser Fingerprint Scanner as seen on The Block! This allows you to open your garage door with scanning your fingerprint. You can add up to 100 different fingerprints, so there’s plenty of room to add the whole family. It is a fantastic additional to inner city or suburb homes, where your garage acts as another entrance to the homes and you want to go out for the night but don’t want to take your keys!

It is important to remember that for most manufacturers’ warranties, you need to have your automatic garage door opener installed by an authorized dealer, in addition to regular maintenance that is commonly annually. If you want to ensure your warranty and that important safety functions including an automatic safety cut-out work properly, you should contact the professionals, such as the Quicklift Garage Doors.

Update your home and garage door

Safe and Secure Installation

How the garage door system is installed to a garage or carport structure, such as the railings for the door to sit in, is important to ensure it is installed securely and safely. Particularly with Sectional Garage Doors, as they sit under the roof when fully open. This means the entire weight of the door is held above cars, motorbikes and most importantly above your head.

Because garage doors are commonly the largest mechanical item in a home, it is particularly important that the guide rails are fixed to the wall with the right materials. The Quicklift Garage Doors Team will provide Noggin plans, if needed, when quoting a garage door to ensure there that the structure will support your new garage door system. That way when the Installation Team is on site and ready to install, there’s nothing to delay installing that brand new garage door for you!

Whether you have an existing garage door that is starting to look a little bit rough or adding a garage door to your carport, The Quicklift Team has got you covered. Our experienced garage door specialists will provide you with professional advice and knowledge to suit your individual needs and wants.

Contact our team today on 03 8609 6015 or email us at sales@quickliftdoors.com.au

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