The Different Types of Garage Doors

What sort of garage doors are available?

The Different Types of Garage Doors

A common question we receive is, what are the different types of garage doors? This is usually then followed by, why does it make a difference what type of garage door I have or need?

These are both great questions and often needed to understand which certain garage doors might be best suited for you. Different Garage Doors Types will help you achieve different functionality as well as different styles.

For residential garage doors there are 3 main types of garage doors that you can choose from:

  • Roller Door, Sectional Door or Counterweight (also referred to as a 'Tilt' Door)
The Different Types of Garage Doors

One of the key ways to tell the difference between each of the above 3 types of doors is how they open! The way in which a garage door opens up is usually easy to check on both manual and automatic garage doors!

A Roller Garage Door will open, sliding the garage door curtain up in the tracks and roll around a 'barrel'. This looks incredibly similar to rolling up a carpet into a cylinder shape, that then sits on top of the opening of the garage door! This can usually

Sectional Garage Doors can be identified as the door is divided into different panels or sections, hence the name sectional garage door! Usually the door will be 4-5 panels and will have hinges in between each panel. As the garage door opens the sections will hinge and slide up and sit under the garage ceiling!

A Counterweight Garage Door (also called a 'Tilt' Garage Door) is possibly one of the easier type to identify when it opens! This is because the whole door will open as one solid panel, that will appear to 'swing' open. This is usually for more custom garage door designs

Now that you know a bit more about how to identify the different garage door types, lets dive into a bit more about each door type!

Roller Garage Door

The Australian Classic of Garage Doors

The Different Types of Garage Doors

The Roller Garage Door is commonly thought of first when thinking of either an automatic or manual garage door! The Roller Garage Door is a durable and practical access solution that can be used for residential and commercial applications. There common uses of a Roller Garage Door is to be used for a garage opening or a fenceline replacement (rather than a fence gate).

A Roller Garage Door is constructed of ColorBond Steel® in a ribbed profile that provides stability and strength to the steel curtain, as it moves vertically up and rolls around a drum. This looks very similar to the garage door 'rolling up like a carpet' and sitting above the opening of the garage in that roll. This can easily add extra security to a home or workplace, installed as either a manual or automatic garage door!

Browse some of the available options at Quicklift's Roller Doors Range!

Sectional Garage Door

Create a contemporary and modern finish

The Different Types of Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors are a more modern additional to Garage Doors and provide a range of different styles, colours and finishes that allow you to customize your garage door to your design wants! Sectional garage doors can also include amazing features such as Thermal Insulation, Windows and ventilation grilles. While these garage doors can be manually operated, they are best when connected to an automatic opener that is suited to the specific of the doors, such as the height, weight and number of panels to the door.

As a variety of styles can be achieved with Sectional Garage Doors, at Quicklift we offer multiple different ranges of Sectional Garage Doors with: Hörmann Sectional Doors, the Hamptons Sectional Door Range and the Australian Sectional Door Range! What a variety!

Did we forget to also mention the amazing Side Sliding Sectional Door Range, which opens with the panels moving horizontally to the side of the garage space, rather than up and over! Browse the available options in the Side Sliding Sectional Doors Range!

Tilt or Counterweight Garage Door

Each individually made for your specific design and needs

The Different Types of Garage Doors

The benefit of a Tilt of Counterweight Garage Door is that can be engineered and constructed to specifically hold a certain weight and material. This means that you can design the framework and door system to suit the desired cladding for the door. While occasionally there may be limitations on weight or fixture methods, to ensure a good product life to your door system, Quicklift Garage Doors employs engineers to assist in the design process. This allows our experienced team to then work with you to ensure the design and functionality is achievable.

For the larger scale Counterweight garage doors, we can also include custom weights and door automation system to support a heavier weight of the cladding and the garage door frame.

Browse some of the available options at Quicklift's Custom Garage Door Range!

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