The Brilliance behind the Backyard Buddy!

Say goodbye to bulky sheds and hello to the innovative space saving solution for your backyard!

The Brilliance behind the Backyard Buddy!

Backyard storage solutions have come a long way from timber shacks where we would pile up the rarely used items, quickly hiding them away before you had people over! Nowadays there are great options available on the market in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, and materials, some are even DIY.

But what do you do when you don't have the space for a standard shed size? When you want a compact storage solution that will fit comfortably in those awkward areas around your home, where you want to maximise the storage?

The Backyard Buddy was created with these tricky to fit areas in mind! Taking up limited space while still offering plenty of room to store your belongings securely, available in standard sizing or customised especially for you!

What is a Backyard Buddy?

Your shed, your way; that’s been the aim when developing Backyard Buddy! The smart-design storage shed is created to securely store your belongings in small spaces in and around your property that would have otherwise gone unused.

Every part of the design was carefully considered to create a storage solution that would take up minimal space while providing maximum security and convenience for your storage!

The Backyard Buddy is based around the Australian Roller Garage Door, which helps provide easy use and access to the storage locker. You won’t have to worry about whether or not you will be able to swing the door open in a tight space since the handy Roller Door lifts upwards and completely in built!

While the Backyard Buddy comes in a standard size, it can also be custom-made to your requirements, offering added flexibility. Additionally, you have the option of installing a set of shelves to maximise storage space, these can be customised in their amount of shelves and height for your particular needs!

The Backyard Buddy comes in a variety of colours so you can perfectly complement it with the rest of your exterior or interior.

Each aspect of the Backyard Buddy has been carefully considered to offer maximum effectiveness, convenience, durability, and ease of use. That is why there are several benefits to using these large steel lockers, including the following:

The Brilliance behind the Backyard Buddy!

Compact and Customizable

Regular sheds are often big and bulky, over time becoming an intrusive eyesore and taking up valuable space on your property. The Backyard Buddy is designed to fit into tight spaces, so comes in a standard dimension of 2280 mm High x 2670 mm Wide x 670 mm Deep.

Its compact size makes it the perfect storage solution for small places that would normally be considered unusable around residential properties or commercial buildings, including undercover car parks, courtyards, or any outdoor space.

If the standard dimension is still too large for your needs or you would rather have a bit of extra storage space, then it can be fully customized to suit your needs. That means it can fit into even tighter spaces, whether that’s in an apartment block, terrace house, or commercial building.

Wherever you may need additional storage, but don’t have enough space for a full-sized shed, the Backyard Buddy can help. It’s the perfect solution for areas where a garden shed would block a window, or where it would be too tall as the property has a lower fence line.

At Quicklift we've helped customers with a huge range of unique solutions, from storage for schools and community centres as well as specialised unit to allow man holes or power points! We've seen it all and we're always happy to help find the perfect solution to your storage needs.

camera_alt Backyard Buddies - Installed!
Standard and Custom sizing available

Secure and Safe Storage

Regular metal sheds can rust over time, and plastic sheds can grow mould or get discolored if they are left uncovered, but the weather resistant back and top of the Backyard Buddy are ideal for placing your storage in an unprotected area.

The Backyard Buddy was created with the Australian consumer in mind, offering an innovative storage solution for small spaces so you can make the most of your property. With a variety of customisable options at your disposal, you can easily create a shed that will perfectly complement your lifestyle and property. Make the most of this creative backyard storage solution and store away your belongings in a safe and discreet space.

Roller Doors with a broad range of Colorbond Colours

Commonly, standard sheds have swinging doors, which means you need to place them in a larger sized area. However, the discreet and compact design of the Backyard Buddy comes with a roller door, which makes it a secure and smart way to secure your belongings.

There’s no need to consider swinging doors, meaning you can place it in any tight space. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to store valuable items such as tools, kayaks, surfboards, golf clubs, and bikes. The shed is also big enough that you can store your wheelie bins and keep them out of the way and out of sight.

Regular garden sheds are usually manufactured in one or two colours, making it difficult to match it to your house, commercial property, or personal taste. Because the Backyard Buddy is finished in a Colorbond Panel, it comes in a wide variety of colours, so you can choose a Colorbond colour that suits your needs.

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